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RUK’s Concierge service creates a distinctive living experience through a complete, customer focused package. In todays market we understand that it is our service and relationship building that will create long term success. Our mission is to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. We aim to provide a personalised service and fulfil even the unexpressed needs of each individual.

RUK’s philosophy for our concierge service is to devote attention to the confidentiality and security of each of our clients. RUK aim to provide a VIP service to all tenants and their visitors which can be experienced at all times. The service will be tailored around each building and its requirements. Below are just a few ways in which RUK Concierge has assisted in the past:

• Dining Reservations
• Travel Directions, including taxi bookings
• Event Planning
• Entertainment referral and reviews
• City Guide Book and advice
• Traffic and Weather
• Dry Cleaning arrangements
• Beauty Appointments
• Food and Beverage arrangements

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