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How to recruit great staff, the RUK way

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘people are our greatest asset’, and at RUK we truly live by that ethos. It’s why we pay so much attention to the way we find and recruit high-calibre people at every level. And it’s why we go on to empower our people via training and development, which explains our loyal team and low staff turnover rate. 

The recruitment process begins when we draw up a detailed job description to determine the skills and attributes required for the role. Before RUK advertise a job role externally, our managers will look to our internal and local resources to see if there is anyone who fulfils the job description.  

Robust recruitment methods
If we don’t find the right fit internally or locally, RUK then recruit externally using a variety of methods. To make sure we receive applications from the right pool of candidates, we make the most of filter tools to narrow down the applications. Some of our recruitment methods include:

·      Advertising on our careers web page

·      Referrals from existing staff within the local area

·      Online portals

·      Social media and local job sites

·      Local advertising

·      Job Centres

Once a pool of candidates is selected, we begin a range of interviews. These include telephone or virtual interviews, which reduce carbon emissions from travelling, and face-to-face interviews – which we’ll aim to conduct on the same day to reduce travel requirements for everyone involved. We’ll also carry out client interviews at this point if they’re requested.

A thorough vetting process
Once we’ve identified potential employees, the vetting process begins. At RUK we understand that having a single standard across the UK advances the whole security industry. It means the public can be assured that all security staff are checked to the same standard. And as an employer, it gives us peace of mind knowing that the people working for us are as trustworthy as possible.

We screen all employees to BS7858 standard, and without meeting this standard they cannot work for RUK. The requirements of BS7858 include:

·      5 years of employment verification

·      A 6-year credit search

·      Proof of ID & UK right to work

·      Proof of address

·      A valid SIA license or carrying out basic disclosure/ACPO

·      Coverage of any 31+ day employment gap

A warm welcome
Once this process is complete, new employees are then welcomed to RUK via our induction process via our bespoke training portal, MyPathway. Employees on all sites will also be given in-depth Assignment Instructions, which set out detailed descriptions of daily tasks. As well as introducing new employees to RUK’s processes and expectations, these act as refreshers for established employees.

On top of this, our buddy system and cross-training opportunities keep standards high and knowledge fresh. Continual improvement assessments through mentoring, frequent site visits, and regular appraisals enable RUK to measure standards, and RUK employees to be the best they can be in their roles.

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