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Our commercial experience means we're able to offer a full range of services: from a full front of house team to the smallest key-holding service. Our strength is in our ability to adapt to any situation and respond to the individual requirements of each job – from the biggest to the smallest. With over thirteen years’ experience of providing commercial property service, working mostly with managing agents or property owners we’re experienced at carrying out an extensive service delivery analysis, allowing us to produce a bespoke solution for either an individual property or a portfolio to best fit your buildings needs.

Our service covers the lifecycle of a property, from consultancy at design stage, to security at build and fit-out stages, all the way through to ongoing building management. This can include everything from the design of security systems that are to be implemented, to filtering the traffic flow, and location of planted trees. As building trends develop and planning laws change, and many more properties are designed for mixed purpose, we have adapted to different styles of security requirements.

We build our services around environmental needs, doing everything possible to support all of the client’s environmental policies and initiatives.

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