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Health and Safety: why accreditation matters

The health and safety of our employees is vital to RUK and GUK. We manage nearly 2,000 sites across the UK and employ around 800 staff members. Ensuring every single one of them can do their job in a safe environment means implementing robust health and safety procedures that get them home safely to their

How to recruit great staff, the RUK way

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘people are our greatest asset’, and at RUK we truly live by that ethos. It’s why we pay so much attention to the way we find and recruit high-calibre people at every level.

Receptionists: 3 ways to deliver excellent customer service

As a receptionist, you’re the face of a business – the first port of call for customers and clients. You’re the gatekeeper of a brand, and the gateway to a building. And dealing with people – whether that’s in person, on the phone, or online – is a core part of that role. But beyond

5 ways company values are key to business success

Strong company values are the foundation of any successful business. Regardless of the industry we work in, company values act as a set of standards that guide the way we operate – from the way we work alongside employees, to the way we communicate with our customers.

Lone working and wellness

Lone workers make up a large proportion of the UK workforce, so it’s important for us to understand how lone working affects wellbeing and health. Here, we look at some of the challenges faced by lone workers – particularly reception staff – and the steps we take to protect ourselves and our staff. Am I

Emerging security trends in 2022

The start of a new year is always a great time to look forward at what’s to come. And at GUK we remain abreast of emerging trends in the security industry by staying fully informed – from attending industry events to connect with our peers, to reading widely on the subject.

6 steps to boost employee engagement

For any business, employee engagement is key to getting the most from your staff and ensuring they stay motivated at work. Far more than being just about happiness, employee engagement is a gauge of the level of connection each of your employees has to your company. It shows how committed they are to working towards your organisation’s shared goals.

How to run great interviews

Interviews. Some of us love them, some of hate them, but there’s no doubt they’re absolutely essential when it comes to the recruitment process. If you’ve ever sat in the interview chair as a candidate, you’ll know what a nerve-wracking experience it can be. So as interviewees it’s in our best interests to make the

Compliance – and why it matters

Not everybody is a huge fan of compliance. Whatever industry you’re in, proving your company meets regulatory standards via a third-party audit is often seen as an inconvenience, or – as this Forbes article puts it – ‘a bureaucratic nuisance’. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of viewing compliance negatively, at GUK