20 Farringdon Road

Building: 20 Farringdon Road
Key Factors: Above and beyond services

We can all appreciate that for many of us, work can mean a long, repetitive day, doing the same journey, seeing the same people and completing the same tasks. At Farringdon Road they wanted to make the workplace a fun community to be a part of. The Head Receptionist took it upon herself to present event ideas to our client. The client appreciated the creativity and ingenuity, allowing the reception team to implement their ideas.

Several charity events have now been held on site, from cake sales for Macmillan to bikeathons for Sports Relief. In addition to the charity events, the reception team wanted to make use of the roof terrace and host screenings of sporting events, including the World Cup and Wimbledon. The area was themed for each event, including, artificial grass, strawberries with cream, drinks and deck chairs to make the area inviting. All quotes were obtained and presented by the Head Receptionist before implementation. These events were a great success and went down well with the tenants in the building and our client, who attended the areas themselves.

The events hosted at Farringdon are a fantastic example of the above and beyond approach that RUK staff have for customer service. They have helped to blend the divide between work and play in a professional manner, making the building feel more like a community.

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