Capital Towers

Building: Capital Towers
Key Factors: Building a Community

At RUK we are nothing without our dedicated and innovative teams. Many of our sites have their own inventive ideas and practices, however, some go that extra mile excelling in customer service beyond expectations.

The challenge was given to the reception team at Capital Towers to come up with interesting ideas to help create a community within their building. The reception team decided to embed a monthly newsletter into their environment. The aim was to have a professional newsletter available for all parties within the building to read.  The content of the newsletter followed the same format every month, giving information on:

  • Activity happening within the building that could affect the site and its running
  • Advertising events being run in the surrounding areas
  • Weather warnings
  • Travel interruptions or expected strikes
  • Any fundraising events being held within the building or by individuals
  • A puzzle, which engaged competition

The reception staff took it a step further and worked together with the on-site café and surrounding restaurants to organise discounts/deals when making purchases in their stores. This created a wider sense of community and boosted sales for small independent businesses in the area.

Tenants now look forward to their monthly newsletters, actively taking part in its creation, by sending through suggestions and puzzle ideas. It has been fantastic to see an idea grow from a basic concept to something so successful. This simple innovative notion has elevated the level of customer service tenants receive, whilst bringing together a wider community.

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