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Emerging security trends in 2022

The start of a new year is always a great time to look forward at what’s to come. And at GUK we remain abreast of emerging trends in the security industry by staying fully informed – from attending industry events to connect with our peers, to reading widely on the subject.

We found Hikvision’s guide to trends that will shape the security industry in 2022 a particularly interesting read. It’s a fascinating look at how the security industry is redefining itself and broadening in scope, in response to a rapidly changing world.

Some points particularly resonated with us, including the observation that cloud-based solutions and services will be essential in the years to come. While they’re not new, cloud-based solutions are rapidly expending. Our own management system is cloud-based, and it stores all our documents and reports under GDPR compliance.

The article’s final point, that green manufacturing and low-carbon initiatives will take big strides, is a key one for us. Like Hikvision, we’ve seen a real increase in clients requesting low-power-consumption and more sustainable security solutions. We’ll do everything we can to continue to support them, and meet our pledge to be Net Zero Carbon by 2030.