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RUK – Helping to create a ‘one team’ ethos











A ‘one team’ ethos is something that RUK feel extremely passionate about.  From the maintenance and cleaning teams to the tenants and our clients, we want everyone within a RUK building to feel part of a community.  There are many ways RUK strive to achieve this, through charity events, and incentives but also through something as simple as monthly newsletters.   These newsletters are compiled by our on-site staff, who look at a variety of topics to create an informative piece that will benefit everyone within their building.  Topics that have been included in past newsletters are:


  • Site information eg, fire evacuations, buildings works etc
  • Local events
  • Charity events
  • New tenant/staffing introductions
  • Advertising of vacant spaces
  • Competitions
  • Discounts within the local area


The newsletters are designed to keep within the brand of the building to allow them to be recognisable to everyone.  Once completed the they are disseminated throughout the teams and the tenants.  The feedback has been fantastic and has created a real sense of a ‘one team’ ethos.

RUK’s goal for 2019 is to launch newsletters at all our sites, bringing a community feel to every building RUK are a part of.