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RUK In Focus: How Training Enables us to Offer a Flexible Reception Service

We’re proud to offer a flexible reception service to our clients. That flexibility coupled with our training program makes our receptionists one of a kind. All RUK receptionists, undertake bespoke embedded training utilising our Customer Service Excellence Program. They also receive more tailored training based on the unique requirements of their roles.

We saw a great example of this in action recently at our client’s offices near King’s Cross. RUK have two receptionists undertaking a split shift, a member of our Quality Relief Team (QRT) covers annual leave and absence. When one of the receptionists resigned, our QRT member was able to step into the role seamlessly, with no disruption to front of house service. They had already received the advanced training necessary, and had built a relationship with both the tenants and client.

For another client in London’s West End, we have a job-share between the site’s lead receptionist and one of our lunch cover representatives for the West End. Once the lunch cover route is complete, our team member steps in to cover the final three hours at this prestigious building, which was the perfect solution for our client. When the lead receptionist eventually moved on from the role, our lunch cover representative was the natural choice for promotion – once again the transition was seamless. With proactive cross-training, our buddy and mentoring scheme, career progression is something RUK take very seriously, it enables us to offer a bespoke package, tailored to individual needs improving our overall reception offering.