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SIA Licences for RUK staff

RUK was launched as a direct result of client feedback, which emphasised the need for a front of house service that bridged the gap between security and a customer’s overall experience.  RUK in response created a model that incorporates, concierge style attributes, with high end customer service, whilst maintaining a high security presence. In order to do this, we advocate and support all of our employees obtaining a SIA Licence.  There is increasing pressure on receptionists to carry out simple security duties for example, controlling access/egress and patrols of their buildings.  These duties should not be undertaken without the required training by a registered SIA training institution.  Fines of up to £5000 or 6 months in prison are potential consequences for carrying out licensable activities without the correct training.  The benefits of having a receptionist with a SIA licence are:


  • Increases knowledge and abilities of the whole team
  • Encourages a ‘one team’ ethos in a multi service building
  • Allows for cross overs between team members
  • Enhances cover opportunities for sickness and absences
  • Reduces the risk of fines for non-compliant SIA sites


RUK are proud to promote our SIA Licence USP and thrive in seeing our receptionists grow in their careers and abilities.